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Last month marked the 20th anniversary of the launch of the National Lottery. On 19th November 1994, Noel Edmonds hosted the first televised draw, with seven jackpot winners sharing a prize fund of £5,874,778.

The National Lottery has grown in popularity with recent figures showing that around 70 per cent of UK adults play it on a regular basis. In fact, when people were asked recently in a survey how they would spend an extra £10 a month, 58 per cent of respondents said they would “rather play the National Lottery than buy life insurance”. This blasé attitude towards life cover goes some way to explain why there is a significant protection gap in the UK.

In this edition, our main article examines the impact recent changes are having on the life market. We share our thoughts and opinions on what is needed to ensure customers are better served and adequately protected. With many partners enjoying a distribution advantage and with life insurance being complementary to a broad range of core products, life insurance is a natural extension of the customer proposition for many brands.

Our view is that the industry has generally been too slow to adapt to a fast changing landscape and as a result, customers are needlessly going un-protected. We see ourselves as marketers as much as insurers and are confident that our approach, where we focus on the design and distribution of appropriate customer-led solutions will help partners deliver the protection and peace of mind customers need and by doing so, unlock a sustainable valuable long-term revenue stream.

In addition to the main feature on life, this edition of the newsletter also includes my regular business update and an article on travel, highlighting some of the key insights from our recent consumer research activity and focusing on some areas of new development.

As always, I hope you enjoy reading the newsletter. Please feel free to contact me, or a member of the team, if you have any comments or would like us to help you in any way.

Susan Stevenson


Welcome to our Winter newsletter

A business update from our Chief Executive Officer
Susan Stevenson provides an update on the business and outlines some of our key priorities and plans for 2015.

Breathing new life into a stagnant and under-served insurance market
Most people need life insurance at some point in their lives – but in our opinion the industry is letting them down. We explore the evidence and ask what it needs for partners to unlock the growth opportunity.

Serving the travel insurance needs of different consumer segments
Our travel research programme has defined five core consumer segments – we outline who they are and what we are doing to further enhance our leading position in the travel market.

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