Our Complaints figures

In addition to dealing with each individual complaint in a professional, fair and timely manner, we have an end-to-end audit and monitoring process and we routinely analyse complaint statistics. The following information is designed to show you the volume of complaints that we receive in a given period and forms a ’high-level’ summary of volume and resolution.

Cigna Insurance Services (Europe) Limited

Complaints figures for the period July 2018 - December 2018

  Number of complaints opened by volume of business

Product / Service Grouping

Provision at reporting period end date Number of complaints opened Number of complaints closed % closed within 3 days % closed after 3 days but within 8 weeks % upheld Main cause of complaints opened
Insurance & pure protection 3.40 638 677 34.7% 65.3% 27.6% Other General Admin / Customer service

During the 6 month period ending 31st December 2018, Cigna Insurance Services (Europe) Limited received 3.40 complaints for every one thousand policies in force.