Welcome to Cigna Insurance Services (formerly FirstAssist Insurance Services)

If you’ve arrived here because you were looking for FirstAssist or FirstAssist Insurance Services you can rest assured as you’re in the right place.

That’s because on 30th September 2013, FirstAssist Insurance Services Limited changed its name to Cigna Insurance Services (Europe) Limited. As a result, you are now on the Cigna Insurance Services website.

If you are enquiring about a FirstAssist Insurance Services policy, you can find out who to get in touch with at Cigna by visiting the Policyholder page.

For any other enquiry, please call us on 020 8652 1313 (Main Switchboard) or email us.

Important: Please read this message if you've recently received an unsolicited call from a company called 'First Assist'.

Please note that FirstAssist Insurance Services traded until September 2013, at which time we changed our name to Cigna Insurance Services (Europe) Limited.

The company calling you as 'First Assist' is a different firm to us.

Cigna does not make any unsolicited calls (also known as 'cold calls') to members of the public and whilst we continue to service as FirstAssist Insurance Services, this is only to some of our existing customers in relation to their insurance policies.

You can find information about how to reduce and report unwanted or suspicious calls by visiting OFCOM or the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO).

You can also register your number on the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) which may help reduce some of the calls.

We hope this explains the position and provides you with some information.